Hello and Welcome to my blog! Here is where I have decided to keep most of my writings and hopefully will journal some new stuff along the way. I just started feeling like using a new outlet other than social networking. Which I will use for this site, however I would like to put more of my involved rants here.

Threats of Harm from Tres Santos

Well it has begun… We now have been officially threatened by someone associated with ‪#‎TresSantos‬. If anything happens to Ricardo Madrazo, The Moreno Family, the Salgado’s, the Romero’s or myself; Tres Santos and the companies that make FRBC Todos Santos Dos, S.A. de C.V., Black Creek Capital, Groupo MIRA, and Mexico Retail Properties are to be held RESPONSIBLE.

Tres Santos: An Overview of the Recent Issues in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico


Controversy, spawned by a mega multi-million dollar development, has engulfed the famous small Pueblo Magico of Todos Santos in Baja California Sur.


Angry residents threaten to stop the development Tres Santos, a project of Denver-based Black Creek Capital and its Mexican subsidiary, MIRA Black Creek. 


CSU Complicit in Stealing Towns Water - Tres Santos

Email exchange from 2014 where it’s clear that the ‪#‎water‬ that Tres Santos will be using for its Town Farm section and CSU campus was ALWAYS planned to come from the municipal system, and not the desalination plant, as they have constantly claimed publicly. Didn’t they state that it was SEMARNAT and the environmentalists’ fault that they were forced to buy water from ‪#‎OOMSAPAS‬? Lies! This was their plan all along… and even worse: They’re STEALING the water, with no meter and no contract!

Director of Municipal Water Speaks about Tres Santos and their Lack of Water USE Permits

Well here it is... The director of OOMSAPA speaking about Tres Santos and their lack of contracts to USE the town's water for their development. Lot's of water is used to build. But the company has wanted to sneak away or blame other causes of the water issues we have had since early spring this year.

Tres Santos Blocked Local Community on Social Media

The local people of Todos Santos and other areas have been blocked from commenting on Social media outlets for the project named Tres Santos. This project is ran by MIRA out of Mexico City and their afflilate Black Creek out of Denver, Colorado. Since the company started their development they have created quite a negative impact on the community so in turn the community spoke out. Since then the company has done everything they can to NOT talk to the people of the area, but state on social media that they are.